Loan Against Securities


Every business requires funding from time to time. Whether to upgrade operations or purchase new premises, business loans help corporates take a higher leap towards progress. Whether your business is small or large, you may require an inflow of funds to take your operations to the next stage of success. However, you could consider putting your securities in the capital market to use. Instead of monetizing your investments in securities, why not take a Loan Against Shares (LAS) also known as Loan Against Securities and leverage your investments.


With us Loan against securities, you can get credit against your securities like Equity Shares, Mutual Fund Units while still retaining ownership.

Fulfill your needs

  • Loan Available against Approved Securities:
    • NSE/ BSE Listed Shares
    • Fixed Maturity Plans
    • ETFs
    • Corporate Bonds
    • Government Securities
  • Tailor made scheme to cater to the needs of all segments of investors.
  • No EMI (Flexibility in tenure and repayment options)
  • No Pre-payment Charges
  • Quick turn-around times
  • Ease of documentation
  • Interest charged only on daily utilised balance.


  • Individual (Age 18 - 60 yrs)/ HUF/ Corporate / LLPs.
  • Salary/Income / Cash flow to establish source of repayment
  • Securities offered shall be in approved list.


  • Application Form
  • Proof of both identity and address
  • Income tax return for last two years with following supporting documents:
    • (a) Salaried:(I) Latest Form-16 and IT returns (II) Computation of total income
    • (b) Self employed: (i) Profit/ Loss Account (ii) Balance Sheet (For Individual/HUF)
  • Income tax return for last three years with following supporting documents:
    • Profit/loss Accounts (ii) Audited Balance Sheet (iii) Computation of total income (For Non-Individual)
  • Copy of last 3 months' Bank Statements, showing salary or your current/saving account, for last 3 months (in case of self employed individual)..
  • Basic KYC Documents
  • FATCA Declaration


  • Please refer to your sanction letter/ welcome letter for details of various charges.