You want to be in control when it comes to managing your wealth. We can provide active, expert advice to inform your investment choices, while ensuring that the final decision is always yours.

We start by listening to you. This helps us to determine your perspective on wealth, your investment goals and appetite for risk. Using this information, we can develop a carefully considered investment plan and advise you on potential opportunities.

Our services offer various levels of support, access and advice. We provide expertise on products such as

  • Equity : We assist our customers with equity ideas and execution. Our equity specialist carries thorough research of the best available stock in the market and assists in making well-informed decisions about your investments.
  • Debt : We offer a wide range of solutions in the segment of fixed income as well. We propose a debt investment alternative of different tenures and risk-reward profiles fitting for a client portfolio. You can take your pick from bonds, mutual funds, and fixed deposits etc. that guarantee safe returns. Moreover, our debt portfolio management services allow customers to take part in a range of high-yielding debt securities that are primed towards regular periodic income and capital appreciation.
  • Alternate Assets : We also include a range of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) like start-up funds, venture capital funds, hedge funds and private equity funds (especially real estate private equity funds).
  • Financing Options : This offering of ours prove to be very beneficial for those who want to raise finances for their business or other requirements. Financing here can be in the form of lease rental discounting, mortgages, home loan and loan against property, loan against shares and securities, and promoter funding.
  • Real Estate : Through our Real estate partners, we help find property at an appropriate price for our clients. It is our endeavor to help them invest in the real estate sector through structured transactions that guarantee a useful return. Direct property purchase of land, residential property, plots and commercial property form the basis of our real estate solutions.

Our experienced team can create a fully personalized and innovative solution that works best for you. By partnering with us, you can benefit from the breadth of our advisory capabilities.


Advantage of SMC Wealth Management Service:

We are one of the leading private wealth management firms in the country. Our wealth planning brings for the customers a range of advantages like:

Personalized Solutions

We give our clients one-on-one attention and help them set up an advanced customized investment plan that takes into account a variety of objectives and risks. We devise an exhaustive solution after careful evaluation of various pros and cons. Our aim is to provide you with different investment options that can keep your capital protected as well as bring returns for the future.



Wealth Management is the management of a client's wealth by a professional trained to get maximum value for the client’s financial assets. An investment Management discipline, it incorporates various aggregated financial services such as financial planning, investment portfolio management, etc.
We provide unbiased solutions across a wide range of products and services and help you plan for a more secure financial future. For more details, Get in Touch with us by filling out the form, our managers will contact you shortly.
We offer a solution that covers Comprehensive Financial Planning, Wealth Review and Investment Strategy, Retirement Planning through Goal-driven Investing, Risk Management & Insurance Planning, Property Purchase & Financing , ESOP Advisory, Equity & F&O Trading, Commodities Trading or any subset of this gamut of services
While we use sophisticated mathematical/statistical tools to allocate your investments among the various asset classes and model the growth in your investment portfolio, it is important to keep in mind the inherent variability in market returns in most asset classes. Thus, we do not guarantee any minimum returns but we do carry out appropriate simulations to provide adequate confidence on achievement of goals and targets.
There is no prescribed minimum level of investment that we require to start our relationship. However, to gain access to more sophisticated services and privileges, we may require a certain minimum commitment from you.
You can get in touch with us to know about our services and fee structure by willing out the form, and we will get back to you shortly.
Yes, completely! We are deeply committed to the confidentiality of your data. We have built in comprehensive processes to ensure that only your Wealth Manager has access to your data.
This is a very personal decision. To answer this question, we would need to learn more about your family history, employment status, other income and resources, cash flow, and short-term needs, among other things.
If we determine that an investment or insurance product is an appropriate part of implementing your plan, we ask that you consider acquiring products through independent service professionals .
If you plan to retire in your 60s and your advisor responds with a recommended withdrawal rate higher than 5%, strongly consider heading for the door. Numerous studies have shown that the withdrawal rate that would have survived any 30-year period over the past 130 or so years is just around 4%. It’s a very safe withdrawal rate, so some will argue that 5% is manageable if you can alter your lifestyle based on market conditions. But anything higher is taking on a big risk that you’ll outlive your money.
Yes. Any good financial plan includes a discussion of how much someone owes.
It’s important that your advisor be thinking about the ultimate goals of your portfolio and the probabilities of reaching those goals. We believe that its failure over the past year has far more to do with faulty assumptions than with any flaw in the technique. We want our clients to understand how certain conditions will change their financial independence date and the annual amounts that they will have available to spend during retirement.
What is financial fitness?
We transition the management of your financial affairs in accordance with your specific needs and expectations. We will dedicate as much time as your situation requires while respecting your privacy and availability.